Explorers are an important part of Scouting, from providing our identity to showing the hard work and dedication of the young people in achieving their awards.

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Explorer Scouts are young people, usually aged between 14 and 18 years old. They make up the fourth section of the Scouting family. There are many types of Explorer Scout Units, some may be linked to your local Scout Group.

As an Explorer Scout, you will get the chance to work with other Explorer Scouts in your District, not just your Unit. By doing this, you will get the chance to do many more activities, not just the ones your Unit organises.

Explorer Scouts work towards their Chief Scout's Platinum Award, Chief Scout's Diamond Award and Queen's Scout Award. To find out more about each Award click on the relevant badge

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Explorer Scouts also have the opportunity to work in younger sections as members of the Young Leader Scheme.

Clackmannanshire District Explorer News

Explorers in Clackmannanshire belong to the Wee County Unit.  They take part in a wide range of activities.  There are many opportunities to camp: at large Scotland-wide Explorer camps and events, at locally organised (and sometimes more extreme!) camps, and as part of expedition training for Duke of Edinburgh's Award.  Over recent years Explorers from the Wee County have also had the chance to attend an expedition to Namibia and the Jamboree in Sweden.  The next Jamboree (International Scout Camp on an epic scale) is in Japan in 2015.